Lite Brite

bright light
Hate to make my very first blog entry a negative one, but hey, maybe that’s just how I roll? Does anyone else find oncoming blinking headlights on the lake shore path a total nuisance?

I completely endorse the use of headlights and own a set of Cateyes. I understand they help your visibility to motorists, but you might want to take a moment to notice you’re on a bike path – haven’t seen a car there in a while now. Are you worried I’m going to swerve into your side of the path if you only have the steady beam going? Trust me, I’ll see you either way.

Meanwhile, all I see is your two-wheeled, one-man (or woman – I can’t tell) disco party as I approach – distracting my attention from whatever jogger or rollerblader might be directly in front of me in the strobe-effect blind spot. If you’re conserving battery life – give me your address – I’ll send you the $2 per year you’d be saving.

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